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Recycling Audit

This is Hoosier Recycling's Recycling Audit Worksheet.   Download as a Word document, print it and fax, e-mail or mail to addresses at the end of the worksheet.

Recycling Audit Worksheet


Instructions:  Please be as complete as possible.  The information provided on this worksheet will be used to prepare a comprehensive report to assist you in your recycling program.  This worksheet is divided into three sections; paper, plastic and wood.



City, State,Zip:________________________________________Phone:(___)_____________

Recycling Program Manager:___________________________________________________

E-mail Address:__________________________________________________________


 Part One: Paper Audit

  1. Papers available for recycling: (check all that apply)

Office Paper  Newsprint  Paper dunnage Corrugated

  1. Are office papers shredded?   Yes   No.
  2. Is paper baled?   Yes   No.
  3. If yes, indicate make, model and size of baler._____________________________________
  4. Are corrugated cartons baled?  Yes   No.
  5. Make and model of baler.______________________________________
  6. Number of bales ______per week, _____bi-weekly, _____monthly.
  7. How often are bales picked up?__________________
  8. How are you storing bales? ______________________
  9. Current cost for each pick-up? ___________________
  10. Do you require a trailer to be spotted?  Yes   No

 Part Two: Plastic Audit

  1. What is your current method of disposal? ________________________________________________
  2. Indicate types of plastic to recycle (PE,PVC etc..)____________________________________________________
  3. Indicate percentage by type of plastic available:_________% Flexible Plastics  (bags, stretchwrap),_______% rigid plastic (jewel cases),  ______% foam (Styrofoam, cushioning)
  4. Can you separate plastic by type?   Yes   No
  5. Can you separate plastic by color?  Yes   No
  6. Are labels affixed to plastic?   Yes   No
  7. If yes, will labels be removed?   Yes   No
  8. Is any metal part of available plastic?  Yes   No
  9. Are safety data sheets available?   Yes   No
  10. Is a baler dedicated for plastic?   Yes   No
  11. How is plastic currently stored? ___________________________________________________________Is plastic contaminated?  Yes   No
  12. If yes, nature of contaminate:   food   paint or solvents  Lubricants.
  13. Can you identify plastic by resin? ______________________________
  14. Can you supply sufficient quantities of each plastic for testing and evaluation?  Yes   No
  15. Are you currently disposing of plastic in dumpster with other waste?  Yes   No
  16. How often is pick-up made? __________________
  17. Cost per pick-up? ___________________________
  18. Do you require a trailer to be spotted?    Yes  No

Part Three: Wood Audit


  1. Source of Wood.     Domestic     Foreign
  2. If foreign please indicate source country.___________________
  3. Wood is used as:  (check all that apply)       Pallets    Crates                                                              Blocking and bracing    Interior Packing Material
  4. Can you identify species of wood? _________________________
  5. Can you determine if wood is:   Soft wood    Hard woods
  6. Has wood been fumigated?     Yes    No
  7. Does wood have any of the following? (check all that apply)   Nails          Staples   Plastic or steel banding   Tape    Stretch film
  8. Current method of disposal.______________________________
  9. How is wood presently stored? ___________________________
  10. Please indicate monthly volume of wood that needs to be disposed of. ___________________________________________________


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When the Audit Worksheet is complete you may  e-mail to fmathews@packaging-systems.com

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