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  •  IDOD - Our edge protection device are designed to protect the edge of coils of metal, paper, corrugated or any other material normally shipped as a coil.  ID (Inside diameter) designed to flex and fit the eye of the coil, OD (outside diameter) die cut to fit outer edge.  In combination IDOD prevents damage from strapping.
  • Both ID and OD are cut to customers specified length.
  • BlueBoard - This product is used where corner edge protection is required.  BlueBoard is extruded flat with a "living" hinge so that when ready for use it forms a 90 degree angle.  Unlike edge protectors made from paper BlueBoard is not effected by weather.  Because it is manufactured and shipped flat it can be stored flat saving valuable storage space.
  • BlueBoard is extruded and cut to customer specifications.

Sweed Scrap Choppers

Sweed Machinery manufactures the world's largest line of scrap choppere, for nearly any linear material.  Sweed Choppers pay for themselves by providing more operating space, boosting productivity, increasing safety and producing premium-priced recyclable scrap.  With over 20 units to choose from, Sweed has solutions to reduce everything from bandsaw blades and banding to fast moving slitter trim and red-hot tube scarf.  For more information click here.

BrickBoard.  Custom made from 100% recycled plastic this bridge void will not degrade when stored out doors, will not leach color in light colored brick.  This board can be collected and reused or recycled.  The ideal replacement for rotary cut wood veneer boards.

BrickBoard is manufactured to your specifications. For quotation send us the size and quantity you require. 

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