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20% of the waste coming from your OR is Blue Wrap.  Blue Wrap is a #5 polypropylene, it is an excellent material for recycling.


Blue Wrap should be recycled separately from the single stream of materials now being recycled by your hospital.  The  best method of doing this is to bale it separately from any other material.  The best dedicated baler for Blue Wrap is the HR MiniPak.


Blue Wrap has a value as a recyclable product, depending on the area it can be as much as .08 per pound. You could be generating as much as 600 pounds a week.  Many hospitals are making arrangements with local nonprofit organizations to collect and recycle their baled Blue Wrap.


If you are not recycling Blue Wrap give your employees the chance to participate and take a little charge of your sustainability efforts by encouraging them to segregated this material and baling it for an efficient recycling program. 

Bales produced by the HR MiniPak weigh from 50 to 75 pounds.  Weight of a bale depends on the HR MiniPak operator.  Simple operation can be seen at www.hoosierrecycling.com.  All the information you need to begin recycling Blue Wrap is available on the Hoosier Recycling web site.


For more information regarding the HR MiniPak contact George Downton at 765-479-0115 or e-mail gdownton@hoosierrecyling.com

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Recycle Blue Wrap
Jun 7, 2013

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